Let Your Love Be Written On The Sky

Türkiye’de Bir İlk…! Evlilik Teklifinizi.. Gökyüzüne Yazıyoruz…!

When you wish your beloved to say YES having attracted her attention, what about writing your love on the sky with a firework show!, Be Creative and Romantic, Think Big!Who wouldn’t like an extreme unique and nice view with magnificent colours exploding in the night sky?

  • Bosphorus Trip with a Motor Yacht for 1 or 2 hours
  • Dinner or Cocktail Menu Service according to the request
  • Table Adornment and Decoration according to your request
  • A 3-5 Minutes Firework Show from a separate boat
  • (a small show may be performed on the deck your boat with Firework Batteries)
  • Proposal Text on the smoke left by the fireworks in the sky  with a 20 Watt Laser
  • Volcano (cold fire) show during the proposal
  • Service and photo shooting by our female organization responsible during the whole night