Diamond Organizasyon

A Marriage Proposal Accompanied by Fireworks and a Laser (Gold Package)

• 2 Hours Super Luxury V.I.P Yacht Tour
• A special boutique table decoration for you with stylish and high-quality materials without exaggeration.
* Crystal candle holders, silver candlesticks, napkins, and special stones on the table
• Covering and dressing tables and chairs with satin and organza fabrics and tulle
• Decorating the table and the interior of the yacht with candles, lanterns, and decorative stones
• A stylish service set for you ( crystal glasses, cutlery, cutlery)
• You and your girlfriend have a specially prepared elective dinner menu
• 1 Bottle of Wine or Champagne Unlimited Soft Drink and hot drinks
• 5-Minute Professional Fireworks Show
• Your Marriage Proposal words with the Most Powerful Laser Device in Turkey with a Power of 30 Watts
Writing On the Sky During a Fireworks Display.
• With the Remote control of 4 Volcanoes Up to 6 meters Long at the Time of the Marriage Proposal
• 1 Female Hostess will accompany you and your girlfriend throughout the organization.
• Our Professional Photographer for your whole night and Organization for free
it is recorded by. It is delivered to your address for free.

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A Marriage Proposal Accompanied by Fireworks and a Laser (Gold Package)

How about fireworks show that will turn your marriage proposal into a great experience? Now is the time to seize the Diamond Organization privileges with a great organization that will bring perfection to the forefront! You will open the door to happiness with the organization we have organized for the most special ‘Yes’ in your life!
The marriage proposal is quite special for men, as well as for women. We are planning the whole process as a Diamond Organization to reveal the romance that will make you say yes when you receive the offer and create a special feeling of the moment! We do our best for your happiness and strive for more! Then take action to organize a perfect marriage proposal in no time!

Organization of a Marriage Proposal Accompanied by a Fireworks Display

It is hardly possible to achieve perfection with a standard organization. As a team that knows this, we promise a better quality and unusual experience for you! We show maximum sensitivity to arrange your marriage proposal in a way that will amaze everyone.

We promise you a wonderful experience on the Bosphorus and an unforgettable night with the woman you love. We bring romance to the top after a short tour of the Bosphorus with our private yacht. While ensuring that the environment is arranged in the most ideal way for your proposal, we reveal the moment you desire with the music and violin accompaniment of your choice. With the ‘Yes’ you receive, we provide the illumination of the night with both a fireworks display and a light show.
We are bringing together an organization full of happiness and excitement while taking the first step towards marriage. We make sure that you have a great experience by writing the name of your future spouse and life partner in the sky.

Prices for the Organization of Marriage Proposals

How about making your proposal at an admirable point when you are taking the first step into marriage? When you make your offer in the middle of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, you can start evaluating the privileges of the Diamond Organization. You should take immediate action to take advantage of the opportunity for a perfect experience.
As Diamond Organization, we bring perfection to you at affordable prices while meeting your expectations. Moreover, we do our best to provide an experience that meets your expectations. For a marriage proposal organization full of comfort, passion, love, and excitement, all you have to do is choose the Diamond Organization!