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Special Protection and Safety

You can feel much more confident with the special protection and security service! Special protection officers are highly trained, specialized security guards who protect people from physical harm, unwanted attention, and other threats to their safety or privacy.

Special Protection and Security Service
Special protection officers provide physical security, risk assessments, preventive maintenance, and even covert surveillance. With the increase in criminal activity, terrorism, and specific threats, private security offers a superior level of security to individuals, their families, and their business, political or financial interests.
Why Are Special Protection and Security Services Needed?
Unfortunately, criminal activities take place in entire communities, and some individuals are more vulnerable to becoming victims of crime. Those who are in an influential position, for example, celebrities with a large number of followers or international Decymakers, will need close protection in their daily lives. This may be due to previous events, having received direct threats, or being in a position of high influence, which naturally attracts attention.
It is possible to be protected from the following by special protection.
• Overly enthusiastic fans
* Potential followers
* Direct or indirect threats
• Transform surveillance/invasion of privacy
* Terrorist organizations
* Organized crime
* Political opponents
The Scope of the Special Protection and Security Service
Custom protection officer, project management, strategic planning, tactical driving, conflict management and even providing emergency first aid treatment and has a wide variety of tasks ranging from daily tasks. Planning is essential as it is difficult to guard against the unknown.
Physical Safety and Protection from Damage
Special protection officers provide physical, front-line protection against threats such as violent assault, harassment, physical aggression, kidnapping, and even assassination attempts.
They are highly trained to react quickly in potentially dangerous situations. Depending on laws and regulations that vary widely around the world, bodyguards may be unarmed or armed with a deadly or non-lethal weapon.
Preventive Security
This includes pre-checking venues such as restaurants, theaters, hotels, and other venues for possible threats. Preventive work is an extremely important part of close protection security, as it can disperse dangerous threats before they occur.
When inspecting a place or building, bodyguards will look for potential weak spots in security, as well as entrances and exits, and members of staff who can contact the protected person.